Learning gratitude.


  I am going to do the most cliche thing and talk about gratitude. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so of course it’s top of mind.  And … Continue Reading →

Why you should get active on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has become known as the holiday where we overindulge. In fact, it’s estimated that the average American will eat as many as 4,500 calories … Continue Reading →

Monday! And beach better have my money.


Happy Monday, everyone! It’s such a short week (my Thanksgiving plans start today, actually!) and an official kick off to my favorite time of year… … Continue Reading →

Life has been crazy!

Treadmill HIIT Workout

Totally missed yesterday’s post, oops! Even though my trip back to Wisconsin was super relaxing and I felt recharged and energized coming back to Austin, … Continue Reading →

Weekend adventures in Wisconsin + running update


Last Wednesday, I said adios to Austin and headed back to Wisconsin for a long weekend with my family. I started to get a little … Continue Reading →

3 ways to prioritize yourself + giveaway!


This year has been the most interesting because I think I’ve struggled with figuring out how to balance a lot of things going on in … Continue Reading →

5 ways to stay healthy during the holidays


Happy Friday the 13th!   I am not superstitious about Friday the 13th and actually think it’s a really good day. The hubs and I … Continue Reading →

Off to Wisconsin + some fun facts


YAY I’m so excited —> headed to Wisconsin in just a few hours. It’s almost been a year so it’s overdue that I head on … Continue Reading →

The art of disciplined running


As much as I love social media, the one thing I don’t like is the feeling of FOMO I get every Saturday and Sunday when … Continue Reading →

Weekend adventures + an update on marathon training


Well, looks like we’re back to another week… but, it’s a short one for me! Only two days and I’m off to Wisconsin to visit … Continue Reading →