January Book Review: She’s Losing It


When I was younger, I used to love reading. So much that my parents were actually worried about me (when you have your nose in … Continue Reading →

No equipment? Some indoor exercises for you


***I’ve updated the blog with a page dedicated to Running Resources… all you could ever want to know about running. *** ***My weekly newsletter has … Continue Reading →

Let’s talk nutrition & the 90/10 rule


For the past few years, I’ve been living by a mantra that goes something like this…    Well, maybe not. I do tend to stay … Continue Reading →

Cedar Fever and Compression Fun!


If you’ve ever been to Austin in the spring, you have likely heard about cedar fever. It’s this phenomenon called allergies, but allergies that everyone … Continue Reading →

How to become a fitness product tester


I have been lucky to have had the opportunity over the years to be a product wear tester. It’s really cool to get a “sneak … Continue Reading →

How strong is your willpower muscle?


When it comes to getting something done at the end of the day, how likely are you to actually succeed?  I can tell you right … Continue Reading →

2015 3M Half Marathon Race Recap


I think the 3M Half Marathon is one of the most talked about races in Austin… I have heard so many things about this race … Continue Reading →

Friday Five: 5 Things About Me


Woo! It’s finally Friday!   This was one of those odd weeks that in some ways felt like it went fast, but in other ways, … Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life with CRG


I’ve debated back and forth about writing this post and joining Mom’s Little Running Buddies link up. Honestly, my life isn’t that interesting. But sometimes … Continue Reading →

On to the next one!


It’s been a whirlwind of races over the past few months, so is it crazy to say that I’m looking forward to a break? I … Continue Reading →