So, what’s next for my race schedule?


I was so focused on running Boston, that I forgot about what I wanted to do after the race.  Of course, right now my top priority is … Continue Reading →

Marathon Monday: Secrets to marathon recovery


I had so much fun writing Marathon Monday leading up to the Boston Marathon that I’ve decided to continue the series. Check out past posts … Continue Reading →

Friday Five: 5 blogs to read


Well hello there, Friday.   We meet again! I am looking forward to this weekend because we literally have nothing planned. I feel like we’ve … Continue Reading →

Three things Thursday


Last night I decided to throw my sore legs to the wind (seriously, when will the pain stop?) and head out with some work friends … Continue Reading →

2015 Boston Marathon recap


So we headed to Boston on Saturday morning (after my last pre-race run of an easy four miles) and landed a bit later than we … Continue Reading →

Marathon Monday: Good luck runners!


Today’s the day that we’ve all been working for months, and if you count all the time and effort put into getting a Boston qualifying … Continue Reading →

Boston Marathon goals

I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but let’s face it… with a 7 a.m. flight, it’s better just to get it up … Continue Reading →

Three things Thursday

I swear this week has been moving so very slow and I feel like it should have been Thursday three days ago. That’s alright! It’s … Continue Reading →

The (almost) BSOD + don’t post your bibs online

Last night I came home to a computer that seemed to be on its last legs, it would loop from halfway through the startup screen, … Continue Reading →

My fueling strategy for Boston


This is what 80% chance of rain looks like in Austin:   Yeah, I’d say the weather people got it a *little* bit wrong. Oh … Continue Reading →