2015 Stars and Stripes 5k race recap


I haven’t run a 5k solo since 2009 (the last two that I ran, I did with my nephew – so much fun and better … Continue Reading →

Can I really do it?


Yesterday when I was trucking through my five mile run at a not-very-fast pace, I started thinking about my goal at the end of August … Continue Reading →

Three Things Thursday


As you can tell, I am really loving this three things Thursday thing. Thursdays are my favorite day of the week already, and I think … Continue Reading →

How to use your wearable data with Addapp

I have been meaning to write a longer post about my experience with the Fitbit since the hubs bought me mine for Christmas (has it … Continue Reading →

Figuring out how to avoid sugar cravings


After waking up super early yesterday and docking my first double-digit run, it’s safe to say I was at a stage of exhaustion by yesterday … Continue Reading →

What an [awesome] weekend + longest run


I mentioned last week that we had surprise visitors this weekend to celebrate the hubs’ birthday! I love when we have people in town because … Continue Reading →

Best way to clean running shoes


You guys, seriously, this rain. I miss the sun! I may have forgotten what it looks like.      Someday, someday. But with the rain … Continue Reading →

Three Things Thursday


So, last night the big surprise for the hubs on his birthday was having one of our good friends from NYC fly in (if you’ve … Continue Reading →

A big birthday wish


Today is the hubs birthday!             I have a really fun surprise in store for him and I can’t wait … Continue Reading →

Walking isn’t weak


When we used to live in St. Augustine, Florida, I had the worst time at running. Of course, I wasn’t very smart about it. For … Continue Reading →