Today was one of those days where my legs were ready for a run, but my mind wasn’t. As soon as my alarm went off bright and early (before the sunrise, even… take that, sun!), my legs were like “Omgomgomg! It’s time for a run? Get up! Are we going for a run? Are we? Run? Are we? GET UP!” and my mind was like “let’s just pretend THAT didn’t happen…” Thankfully, my legs won the debate and I was out the door on a lovely 18 miler.

The thing that I love about my chosen long run course is that I can mentally break it into three chunks, which doesn’t make it seem as long. The first chunk is two laps around Prospect Park, which is my chosen running grounds throughout the week. It was quiet this morning (I think a lot of area runners may be preparing for the Brooklyn Marathon tomorrow), but I did manage to come across Sir Stomps A Lot and Snot Rocket Man, who were a good distraction for a mile or so.

After Prospect Park, I run through Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Bridge, where I enjoy awesome views of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower. Although, the downside to that is you often have to stumble through groups of tourists. Luckily, tourists don’t really like the Brooklyn side of the bridge and also don’t like walking across the bridge when it’s a) early in the morning and b) perfect running weather (I think it was a brisk 40-ish degrees this morning). From there, I continue to the West Side Highway, which is filled with hardcore cyclists (although I have yet to be yelled at like I frequently was in Minneapolis… see, New Yorkers are nice).

Anyways, I like to think of Prospect Park as part one, Brooklyn Bridge as part two and West Side Highway as part three. When things get tough, then it’s easy to have my legs convince my brain that it really isn’t that bad.

Overall, the run was steady and strong… and a great way to start Caturday.

Do you have any mind games that help keep you motivated during a long run? 

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