Yesterday I walked over to Prospect Park to watch some of the marathoners.

Pretty sure no one knew what loop # they were on…

Like any running-obsessed person, I was slightly sad that I wasn’t participating. But since I just ran the Chicago Marathon and am in the midst of training for the Houston Marathon, I didn’t think it was a good idea.

Especially since I want to qualify for next year’s New York marathon with my time from the Houston Marathon. I need to shave off nearly 9 minutes from my PR (3:31:44) to do this, but I am optimistic. Why? Because I know I can do it.

And I think these reasons help too:

I’ve lost some weight. I actually got my body fat tested last week and found out that I have 22% body fat, which as a woman, this puts me in the athletic range. The machine says that I need to lose about 4 more pounds to be at my ideal athletic weight. I’ve already lost about 5, so I hope I can get rid of an extra few pounds before the race (definitely impossible possible before the holidays, right?).

I started my training plan in really good shape. Really good shape. Generally when I start marathon training, I need a few weeks just to adjust to the longer mileage and the fact that I have another marathon coming up. I kept running after Chicago, and started training about two weeks later. So my training has been going well.

I mixed up my training plan a bit. When I was in Florida and had a lot more time on my hands, I followed the “Advanced Marathoning” training plan. It’s amazing… and exhausting. I just don’t have the time to do 10, 12 or 14 miles during the week (boo). I do have time to do seven or eight miles, which is what I’ve been doing (for Chicago, I did four or five miles each day). When I PRed with a 3:31 at 2010 NYC Marathon, it was a miracle… I trained for about 9 weeks and my week runs were about five miles. No speed work, no hill work (minus the monstrous beast in PP) and lots of life challenges throughout those few weeks.

Plus, Houston is flat and I’ve been training in Prospect Park… we all know about that killer never-ending hill that everyone complains about. I’m hoping that beast helps me a little bit, too.

What’s your next race and what is your goal time?

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