The worst part of vacation is when its over… and you have to get back into the swing of life. Boo.

Although, the best part of that, is getting back into my morning routines, which includes running. This morning I went for an easy five miler. It was a balmy 57* here in Brooklyn, which I think will be comparable to the temperature during the Houston Marathon (plus some sun). I think I will be definitely running in shorts and a tank top on marathon day.

I did get a wicked side ache about two miles into the run. Ugh. I have learned that breathing in through my nose for two counts and one long exhale repeatedly helps disarm the side ache. It may take some time, but it’s better than having to walk because I feel like it never truly goes away. I also read once that if you focus on the muscles that are causing the side ache, visualizing them in your head, it will help to relieve the cramp. Hmmm, not quite sure if that works but it sounds good.

In other running-obsessed thoughts, I have been debating about whether or not to get compression socks. I am the type of runner that likes to lace up my shoes and go. I really don’t have a lot of the goods that are marketed towards us running crazies, minus a SpiBelt and RoadID.

My abs don’t look this good, but my Spibelt looks this dorky.

However, I’ve heard a lot about compression socks at their benefits.


These for instance are by CEP and boast the following features and benefits:

  • Patent medical compression profile for increased blood circulation and O2
  • Faster recovery
  • Anatomical Shaped sock: Perfect fit for blister prevention
  • Achilles support
  • Gender specific for a perfect fit
  • Air channels: Breathable foot bed for comfort
  • Synthetic IPS powerthread: Moisture regulating with optimal compression progression
  • Ankle Support Level: 20-25mmHG
  • Calf Support Level: 18mmHG
  • Sold in pairs

Really, I think the fact that they are sold in pairs is the clincher.

Seriously though, I’ve heard these things do wonders for recovery… especially when you’ve just run a marathon and now have to cram your legs into a tiny area for a flight. Or if you are super ambitious and want to run a race right after a marathon.

Plus, thanks to Cyber Monday, Road Runner Sports (highly recommend. love them.) is giving VIP members 20% off instead of just 10% off. That means I could save a whole $12 if I buy these today.

Thoughts? Do you wear compression socks? Do you feel like they really work?

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