Maybe they haven’t recovered from jet lag (you know, that whole hour time difference…), or maybe they are rebelling against returning to real life (aka 6 a.m. runs and walking as primary means of transportation)… but whatever it is, my legs are tired.

I ran seven miles this morning and for the first few miles, my legs were dragging. I think they finally woke up on the nice downhill in Prospect Park, but then were ready to go home once outside of the park. They survived. And hopefully now, they will be ready to go because I have a 20 miler this weekend.

However, random as it is, Tuesdays are the days when I am most tired during the week. For most people, Mondays are rough — you know, readjusting to the work week after a relaxing weekend and all. When not training for a marathon, I usually use Tuesdays as a rest day because I have such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Just like I’m trying to convert myself into a morning person (this is working, I promise… instead of hitting the snooze button several times, I now spend 10 minutes surfing my phone… baby steps), I’m trying to convert myself into a Tuesday morning runner. Maybe this is why my legs are crabby today.

Side note: I really hate when drivers don’t give runners, bikers and other pedestrians the right-away when its theirs! For some drivers, they don’t seem to understand that the fluorescent-white walking man means GO for those not in cars. This is for the SUV that honked at me when I ran across the crosswalk when it was my right away. You’re lucky I’m a converting morning person!

Are you a morning person? If you run in the mornings, what do you do to get yourself going?

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