Today is a rest day, phew, because I think if I forced myself to get up at 6 a.m. this morning, my legs would have joined the Occupy Movement. They are actually a little sore, not sure if it’s strictly from the tempo run yesterday or a combination of that tempo run with the stairs and eight miles on Wednesday. Either way, I like it when they are sore because it means I got a great workout in! Hopefully today will be enough time for them to rest up so I’m ready for my 20 miler bright and early tomorrow morning.

Today’s random thoughts:

1. You know Sarah Emoto? Who I wrote about earlier this week? She is making her entrance into NY this weekend. As of now, she expects to be on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge around 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. From there, she will cross and run down to Battery Park via West Side Highway. She would love to have runners join her — so if you are in New York and up for an early run tomorrow morning, consider helping Sarah finish her cross country journey! I will be running on WSH tomorrow morning around that time, but not sure if we’ll cross paths.

2. I was reading Laura’s blog, Meet Virginia, and she was talking about planking. Have you heard about this new fad? Apparently, you lie down in a face-down position in weird places. Like this guy from the planking website:

From Planking in the Ralph Lauren Store (wonder what the sales reps had to say about this one)

3. Day one of no soda went well. Although I have a feeling that it will be day six and seven that will the toughest.

4. I’m slightly addicted to jeans, and I just got these from HauteLook:

Ignore the fugly shoes.

However, I realize how short I really am as I got a 30″ inseam and they are still a few inches too long. *sigh* Although, I think I ended up getting them for just over $20 because I had a $10 coupon and they were on sale for way cheap! They are super comfy.

5. And lastly, I finally had a chance to listen to Wakey!Wakey!, a NYC band. I heard great things about them from a waitress after I wore a random shirt I bought at Brooklyn Industries (did not realize that they were a band… just really liked the shirt; so it was kind of awkward when she was like, “Oh my god! You know Wakey Wakey?! NOBODY knows who they are!” and I kind of had to fake it). Thanks to Spotify, I can call myself their newest fan.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday! Any random thoughts to share? 

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