The thing I love about Sundays is that they are good days to stay in and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, I follow about half of that sentence because there always seems to be something random to work on or finish up.

Today was definitely a rest day since I woke up to very sore legs. I must have pushed it a good amount yesterday… but being sore is a feeling that I love. Yep, crazy, I know.

Since I finished my nearly six month long knitting project yesterday, I thought maybe I’d be lazy today… but instead I decided to work on my holiday cards (which are now 90% done!).

Yes, so the epic knitting project. This summer I decided to knit an afghan. I didn’t think that it would take me that long. You know, maybe a month? Nope, I was two weeks shy of six months before I finally finished it.

Stack of knitted squares…

But it was so worth it! It turned out great (I’m sure there are a few little errors throughout, but shh) and its so warm (too warm, in fact, with the 60ish degree weather we are having).

Apollo thinks I made this for him.

Now to figure out the next project…

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