My body hates me. I am so sore today it is ridiculous. And sadly, it’s not from working out. I think it’s from the five hours I sat sitting on our hardwood floor yesterday bent over and working on holiday cards. My hips and my back are killing me. I thought maybe a recovery five mile run this morning would at least help stretch out  my hip muscles so I wasn’t in excruciating pain every time I move. Um, nope.

But it’s so worth it because my holiday cards are super cute! I’ll post a picture in a few weeks, once I know everyone on my list has received theirs. Don’t want to be a surprise ruiner.

Soda update: I am on day five of my monthly challenge to drink no soda. So far, I haven’t had any! This weekend, I picked up some Gatorade because I was getting a little tired of drinking water all the time. The real challenge will be tomorrow when we go to Chipotle as we always have Sprite to share. What do I do? I know I can drink water, but it almost seems sacrilegious to change our tradition after eight years.

In other news, I was about to sign up for the Manhattan Half-Marathon but remembered we are going to be out of town that weekend. I literally was on the “review your data and accept” page when I realized that we weren’t going to be in town. Whoops. So instead I am throwing my name into the lottery for the NYC Half 2012, which for some reason, costs four times as much as the Manhattan Half-Marathon. Hmmm. Last year, there was a huge blow up over registration for the NYC Half because only one-third of the field was from NYC. This year, they’ve increased it to half of the field, plus shortened the window for registration… so here’s to hoping I’m one of the lucky 10,000 that gets in!


Do you have your eye on an upcoming race? Do you feel like the registration fee is too high? 

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