Despite the 40% chance of rain this morning, I went for a relatively dry run (minus some random misting halfway through). I did eight miles this morning and it really didn’t feel like eight miles – another sign that I’m hitting my stride in my training plan. One of the things I thought about a lot this morning was why I run, especially after receiving a few questions about it yesterday.

My friend Carrisa over at G-Free Runner posted an article a few weeks ago discussing why she runs. I think this is a valid question that all runners are forced to answer. However, it is kind of bizarre how hostile some people get when they find out that you run. The first thing you say to someone who plays golf or surfs is not “why?” but “where?” or “that’s really neat – do you do it often?” But for some reason, when someone says they are a runner, it’s almost like the person they are speaking to has to hold back their eye roll and can only manage a “why would you do that?” as if said runner just admitted that they sleep on a bed of nails.

I think this is partially due to the fact that at a young age, we are taught that running isn’t fun. In elementary school, we are forced to run around the track or playground as a form of punishment when we act out. And in the awkward years of our life middle school, we are forced to run around the track once again to gauge our fitness level. What about these two scenarios say that running is fun?

And really, I must admit, it isn’t fun when you are out of shape. But there is something about that feeling when you are done running – you know, when you just want to climb to the roof and scream “I DID IT!” that makes it all worth it. For me, I love to run because it organizes my brain and keeps me sane. It is my form of meditation and my escape from reality. Running is a challenge – every day when I put on my shoes, it’s a challenge of how much I’ll push myself today and what positivity I can bring to the rest of my day. Plus, I do enjoy the fact that I can indulge on some not-so-good for you foods without feeling too guilty.

P.S. You know who really loves to run? Sarah Emoto. Check out the article I wrote about her on – she just finished her epic cross-country journey on Saturday in Battery Park. Amazing!

Why do you run? Do you find that people don’t seem to “get it” when you say you’re a runner?

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