Who doesn’t love the chance to win something?! I, for one, am all about the free. I rarely win, but that doesn’t stop me.

Here are two great chances to win some sweet runner-related gear:

Runner’s World is giving away gear every single day until December 16. Today is a sweet long-sleeve technical shirt for women.

All you have to do is fill out a brief form. Easy peasy.

Skinny Runner has another sweet giveaway going on. She is giving away a gift certificate to Sporty Girl Jewelry. All you have to do is comment on her post. You can also tweet or share it on Facebook for extra entries. Don’t enter so I have a better chance of winning.

And something totally random, if a) you need a good laugh and b) you have a chance to check out the RW Daily today, DO IT. Here is an excerpt:

If being stopped by police at 4:00 in the morning in jeans and latex gloves and with three additional GPS units, a Motorola cell phone, a Nikon “Coolpix” digital camera, Sony Sport AM/FM radio headphones, a knife, Adidas “Moves” cologne, a pair of black sunglasses, a blue Kobalt folding knife in sheath, a “Mueller” wrist brace, black cell phone charger, black ear buds for cell phones, black CD case with various CD’s, and one $5 bill is a crime, well… Are any of us safe from police harassment?

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