Running in the rain is not one of my favorite things. I’ll do it, but it is not something that I look forward to. I feel like I need windshield wipers for my contacts because otherwise they get that annoying feeling like they are going to pop out. The rain also does something awful to my hair.

Anyways, I was extra motivated this morning and even though I knew there was a 70% chance of rain, I was up and ready to go for my seven miler. After our mischievous cat Jax broke into the bedroom to wake me up (thanks), I checked outside and it didn’t look like it was raining that bad. And, it really wasn’t. Kind of that crappy misting stuff with some big drops worked in. However, the good thing  about this gloomy weather is that the park was empty. It is already pretty empty because running at 6 a.m. when its dark and chilly is not on top of everyone’s to-do lists. And if you add rain into that equation, it empties it out further. So at least there are only a few weaving people that I have to work around.

I did some stride outs in the park as well, about seven of them, which made me realize that my legs are pretty tired. Hopefully a shorter long run this weekend will help.

Oh, and on that note, I am running the NYRR Jingle Jog Run 4M 6K on Saturday (apparently there is road construction so they had to chop .3 miles off the race… 4M or 6K, both distances are awkward in my opinion).


I kind of cheated on my monthly no-soda challenge last night. I had Sprite when we went to Chipotle (I did warn you that might happen…). But it wasn’t a lot. And it doesn’t have caffeine.

So I’m torn. It is tradition. But sometimes you need to break tradition to be healthier. But you only live once. So I am very torn in this situation.

Otherwise, my monthly no-soda challenge is going well. Minus a headache this weekend, I haven’t had any cravings, which is somewhat surprising.

**end alert**

But, I am supposed to run 16 miles on Saturday, according to Mr. Training Plan. So the question I was struggling with is do I run the rest of the miles before or after the race? We are going to brunch so that solidified my decision that I will be running 12 miles before the race… so we’ll see how my legs hold up with that.


Do you like running in the rain? Have you ever ran before you ran a race? 

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