I couldn’t help but think “Brr” on my run this morning, which led to me chanting “Brr, it’s cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere” throughout my cold run. Thanks, terrible movies of the early 2000s.


who doesn’t love this movie? seriously…

But really, it wasn’t that cold. I just didn’t dress properly. I mean, yesterday it was in the mid-50s and I was sweating in my capri leggings and long-sleeve shirt. Today I was fuh-reezing since it dropped about 20 degrees. And we didn’t even get any snow. Boo.

Since I was so cold, I couldn’t help but stare at other runners with envy as they looked so toasty in their fleece zip-ups, sweatpants and hats and mittens. One girl had a nifty headband that had a hole for her ponytail? Awesome. I think it was similar to the TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headband:

Usually I just wear my headband over my ponytail, which looks ridiculous.

And then, on my way back to my apartment, I came across three really bizarre situations with dogs and their owners. The first was getting yelled at for barking at another passing dog named Alfred. Because apparently you can’t bark at Alfred! And the next dog, a little fluffball, was either really scared by my approach or was ready to play because he jumped around to face me. I couldn’t read whether it was a look of fear or a look of “oh hey new BFF!” The third was an older gentleman walking his dog, who was busy sniffing a tree, so he (the man, not the dog) proceeded to act like he had a stopwatch in his hand… mmhmm.

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