Finally, a glorious rest day… which means I got to SLEEP IN. That’s the best part of rest days. And, giving my legs a much-needed rest. They actually don’t feel tired this morning, so I’m sure by the end of the day, they’ll be ready for the segmented run tomorrow.

Did you see this story yesterday? Two “gay” penguins in China are now parents — they adopted a baby penguin! Apparently, male and female penguins both have natural instincts for parenting and share responsibilities.

so adorable… true love. (source)


Runner’s World released an article this week noting that statisticians have confirmed that we’ll see a sub-two hour marathon in 2050. Apparently the world record has improved by about five seconds each year. I think we may see it before then (at least I hope so, because I’ll be pretty old by 2050).  The article also noted that 80%+ top marathoners are East African. Interestingly enough:

Also, in 1997, East Africans nabbed just 29 percent of the top 200 times. For 2010, the corresponding figure was 84 percent. We all knew this to be true in marathoning, but the new paper puts the numbers in stark contrast.


I wonder how the field will continue to change… will Americans take over the reigns once again?

I was also intrigued by this feature article about Jillian Michaels. It said that she was overweight as a kid, and she had also been bullied. I think that as a personal trainer, this helps in many ways… primarily to relate to what your clients are feeling because everyone hates a super beautiful and skinny woman telling them that they can do it.

Which leads me to another article about health that Skinny Runner posted earlier this week: Does being poor make you fat? This is such a controversial topic. The article discusses that there is research that shows being poor makes you fat. However, I think there are other elements to this discussion. For one, health education is a huge issue in this country. Some people don’t understand the meaning of calories. Just because they haven’t ever been taught that. Secondly, access is a big issue for those that live in the inner-city or in impoverished neighborhoods. For some reasons, corner bodegas are thought to be enough… and they don’t have all the necessities for healthy living. And lastly, some people who are living below the poverty level have no time — they are working several jobs, have kids to raise, etc. So this may create a perception that they don’t have time for health. I believe that everyone can make time to be healthy. Yes, it can be difficult, but it can be done. You don’t have to go out and run for two hours, or create a gourmet meal. Being healthy is getting yourself out there — whether its for 10 minutes or 35 minutes — and going for a walk or a run. Instead of picking up the chips, someone can just as easily pick up an apple or an orange… or other healthy fruit or vegetable.

I’ll get off my soap box now.

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