Pre-race preparation: Dinner at Heartland Brewery the night before (pumpkin and sage ravioli for dinner, and maybe one too many three beers throughout the night). I ran 10.25 miles for my long run this morning, came back to the apartment and relaxed for 20 minutes (including eating a piece of toast with margarine). Then I ran about 1.25 miles to the start of the race, and hung around outside for 45 minutes in mid-30* weather.

Actual race: I had only ran one race (minus the marathon) with NYRR before, so I was registered with the average pace from the Brooklyn Half Marathon (which I ran when I was somewhat out of shape). NYRR had corrals set up and I started a bit further back than I would have liked, but that’s OK. Finally we were off! It literally took me over a minute to get across the start line (there were 2,000+ people in front of me). I spent the first mile weaving in between people to get in front of them.

What I loved: I loved running this race because it was pretty much what I run every morning in Prospect Park. The monstrous hill? No big deal. Plus it was fun because I felt good. Better than I expected after running 11.5 miles before a race! My legs didn’t feel too tired, I think they were more frozen from the start.


Overall rating (4 out of 5 ups):


Only because I felt that I started way too back and wasted a lot of energy trying to weave around people. Otherwise, NYRR did an amazing job putting this together and making it festive (especially loved running around with jingle bells on my shoes and confusing everyone I passed… even the dogs…).

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