Even though I’ve been running for what seems like for-ever, I just recently found out about compression socks.

Seriously, was I living under a rock?!

These things are amazing. I recently purchased the Swift Sox RunLove Compression Socks from RunningSkirts.com. I was already impressed when I opened them up and noticed the socks are smartly marked with a little “L” and “R” just so you know which one goes where. Because the running stupids do happen, people.

cute heart, too!

After yesterday’s day of a long run + race, I thought it would be a great day to try them out. When I got back from the race, I felt that my legs were already starting to get sore. So I put on the compression socks and rocked them all day, even at my fiance’s company holiday party (where I stood in four-inch heels for 3+ hours).

happy toes.

Today, I woke up and my legs feel well rested and aren’t tired, not like they usually are after a long run. Very impressed! Plus, the nice thing about these compression socks, is they are about half the price of other ones out there. RunningSkirts.com was great to order from — fast shipping, plus they have other super cute products!


Please note: RunningSkirts.com and Swift Sox have no idea that I posted this review. I posted this review to help other runners in their quest for great running gear and associated products, and have not received compensation for posting this review. These opinions are my own.

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