Ugh, Mondays are rough. They make me doubt my transformation into a morning person (Cliff notes: I used to have a rough time getting up in the morning, to the point where I would hit snooze at least 10 times and end up being super late… since moving to Brooklyn, I’ve realized the only way to get my run in is to get up at the crack of down, or in the winter even before dawn hits. The first year was kind of rough, but now I’m in a groove and feel like I could be defined as a morning person, minus that whole being chipper and friendly the moment you wake up).

For some reason, today was particularly bad. I turned off the alarm and kept saying I would get up in two minutes, but that two minutes became 10 minutes. Woops. I even managed to turn on my Pandora Taylor Swift station on my iPhone with my eyes closed (like morning people have those skills!).

Once I finally made it out the door, my five mile recovery run was great! Much better than last week’s. I think this can be attributed to wearing compression socks all day Saturday. I was a little cold so I really need to look into your recommendations for the best leggings to wear in the winter so when the temperature does finally drop here, I’m prepared.

Oh, and monthly challenge update: Minus my moment of weakness last Friday (let’s face it, after dealing with a headache for nearly 24 hours, I had to do something), I haven’t had any other soda. Woo. No headaches either. Although yesterday I brought back some Mountain Dew from Target and it really made me feel like I deserved to have one after lugging it around and having to take the stinky bus.

Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning? What do you do to get yourself motivated for the day? 

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