The training plan dictated an eight mile run today… and it was great! Nothing spectacular happened on the run, except for the fact that the park was really quiet. I know it was chilly, and early (I miss having sunlight during my early morning runs…) but man, it seemed like it was quieter than usual. I was going to count how many people I saw along the way, but then changed my mind when a mass of cyclists passed me. I considered cutting out cyclists in my count, but then realized I wasn’t quite sure the exact number that had already passed me.

When I came home, it was time to hit the arms. I switch between doing an arm workout and ab workout after my runs. I should push myself a lot more, but most of the time, I’m tired and just ready to take a shower after a run. This morning, I stepped it up with my workout though (although my fiance will probably still call me weak sauce). I did two sets of bicep curls (15 reps in each), one set of … not sure what they are called, but you start with your arm at your sides and lift straight out until parallel with the ground … those (15 reps) and one set of this air punch with weights thing that I made up (who knows if it even does anything) of 20. Oh, and I also did some push ups. 15. That’s a new record for me.

You know how they say that runners have T-Rex Syndrome? Yeah, that fits me completely.


Do you find that you are lacking in arm strength? What do you do to strengthen your arms?

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