Isn’t 7 a.m. a little too early to be puffing on a cigar? Apparently not, because I was stuck behind someone with one while I was on the homestretch of my run down Flatbush. Overall, the run went really well (which seems to be the general theme lately, but hey, no complaints here!). I did tempo pace in the park, which I always like doing because it seems to go so fast.

After the park, as I was headed to Flatbush, I was waiting at an intersection when the car, who just got the green light, honked and waved me on. A little New Yorker niceness in the morning. This has actually happened to me several times, and even in Manhattan. I really don’t think that New Yorkers are as rude as people think (however, like the hipsters in Williamsburg, don’t tell them that’s what they are because then it’ll be a different story).

The thing with New Yorkers (and I guess after living here for more than a year, I can call myself one!) is that they are rude and impatient if you get in their way. Trust me, been there. But, I have seen so many random acts of kindness while I’ve been living here — people will help tourists who look confused, run after someone who has dropped a possession in the street or, in my case, wait a few seconds longer at the light to let a pedestrian cross. As long as you aren’t interrupting the pace of their day, they are sweet as pie (OK, now maybe that’s a little extreme…).

Speaking of tempo pace in the park, Brightroom has posted pictures from this weekend’s race. Here is one of yours truly:

This is my typical race pose. I really need to do something to look more alive.

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