This morning was a great day to run. I seriously think that mid-40s is the perfect temperature to go out for a run. High 30s also isn’t bad. So, where can I move where it’s always mid-40s in the AM?

Today was another eight miler, and it went well. I even let myself sleep in an extra five minutes — watch out! Because of that, my loop around the park was a little off but I still saw most of my regulars. Which is funny, because when I need something to think about when I run, I think about the people I run past (is that stalkerish?!) and try to create stories for their lives.

Like, there is this one guy that runs counterclockwise every day. He has three running outfits that he switches out depending on the weather, and wears a FDNY hat, but has a really angry expression on his face. I always wonder what his story is, and what makes him run. In the past year, he has slowed down a bit (I would guess he’s in his late 40s or early 50s) but I still see him two times during my run (if I get to the park in time).

Then there’s this other guy. He runs with three women, and they run in a straight line TAKING UP THE WHOLE RUNNING PATH because they have at least a foot of room between each other. Its an odd group — and I don’t get why he’s in the mix. He doesn’t act like a trainer or coach, and his pace isn’t that fast (two of the women could probably run at least 2 minutes faster per mile on their own).

But anyways, I always get so irritated because I either have to run through the unstable grass on the side of the path, or venture into the bike lane and risk being berated by a cyclist flying by. So I see him this morning, and he was two more women with him! Instead of running in a straight line, they are bunched in a group… almost as if one of them doesn’t want to stray too far away. Probably way off base, but I start wondering if he is a Brooklyn version of Kody Brown from Sister Wives. Because it’s just a little weird.

Do you see the same people on your runs? What do you think their stories are?

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