And we finally made it to Friday…! I can’t believe this is the last Friday I have to work for the rest of the year (let’s face it, that sounds way more cool than saying I have the next two Fridays off) and that Christmas is right around the corner. Where in the world has December gone?!

Today is also a rest day for me and I believe my body is happy. It’s not that I was sore so much as just being fatigued. So it was nice to sleep in for an extra hour and to give my muscles a break… although they have a nice 20 miler tomorrow!

Anyways, if you need a good laugh, check this out. Fill in the blanks and you have your own letter to Santa. It is so funny. I was literally crying when I was reading my fiance’s to him.

Also, did you hear about the baby seal that broke into someone’s house and spent some time on the sofa? Thinking he was watching some National Geo too.

Can I add this to my Christmas list?


Have you heard about World Book Night? I stumbled on it on Twitter this week (thanks HufPo) and it sounds so amazing. Basically, for one night (April 23), people around the U.S. will be flash book giver outers (so scientific). You can apply now to be one, and if you are accepted, World Book Night organizers will ship you a box of books to pass out in your city. It’s a way to get people interested in reading… such a cool idea.

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