Last night, I stayed out past my curfew late so I was a little tired this morning when the alarm blasted itself at 6:05 a.m. to get me out of bed for my 20 miler. But, since I am a big believer to not let my training run my life, I couldn’t complain about it too much so I grumbled a bit to myself for five seconds and rolled out of bed. It took me a little bit longer to get ready this morning — my delicious waffle, peanut butter and syrup did help to wake me up a bit.

Once I started running, the tiredness went away, which was great. My stomach was acting like an ugly red-headed step-child that wanted to steal the show today, even though it was all about my legs this morning. Annoying.

Besides that, I felt like I had a steady and strong pace throughout the run, especially over the Brooklyn Bridge on the way back. For some reason, when I cross back to Brooklyn, running the Brooklyn Bridge is murder and I struggle. For some reason, my feet just don’t want to move. However, this morning was completely different.

My three favorite things from my run this morning:

  • A quiet morning in the park; even quieter than usual. It was nice to not have to weave around walkers and other runners to get on my way… just a refreshing change.
  • Running over the Brooklyn Bridge with views of Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower and Empire State Building. It will never get old. Never.
  • Dominating the Brooklyn Bridge on the way back, both on the uphill and downhill. My legs are definitely feeling it now!


My favorite random running thoughts from this 20 miler:

I run past a Morton’s Steakhouse on my way to the Brooklyn Bridge, and for some reason, their logo caught my eye today… doesn’t it look like a dog bone? What kind of message does that send?


Speaking of dogs, I think the dog park is the Happiest Place on Earth. There is one in Prospect Park that is always filled with happy, leaping dogs and their owners. But I got a kick out of two dogs that were crossing West Side Highway to get to the dog park down there. They were so excited. One dog started bounding around and barking, seemingly to say “We’re going? WE’RE ACTUALLY GOING? OMG, OMG, OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE GOING!” The other dog owner was literally being pulled across the street by his dog, who apparently didn’t want to let the pooch in front of him make it to the park before him.

The Brooklyn Bridge has been under construction for what seems like ever, and I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon. Boo. The one cool thing is, though, people graffiti some of the construction materials. Today I got a kick out of a sign that say “Occupy North Pole.” I definitely think that would be more successful than Occupy Wall Street… you know, let those elves know that if its not Apple, it’s not worth it.

Do you think Morton’s Steakhouse’s logo looks reminiscent of a dog bone? Or was that the sore muscles talking?

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