Have I mentioned how much I love compression socks? Because they pretty much rock. My legs are tired from my 20 miler yesterday, but not too tired. My fiance and I went out for brunch this morning at Alfama since we got a killer deal on Travelzoo. It was pretty amazing, especially considering its on the recommended list from Michelin for 2012 the unlimited mimosas.

We enjoyed a walking tour throughout the city as we wanted to check out sales at Nordstrom Rack, and I was a big spender on some OPI Red Crackle.

plan: add green under crackle to show my holiday spirit.

I also bought a cute sweater and some new leggings.

We also had to stop by Best Buy because it has awesome sales on HBO shows on DVD. Season of Sex and the City for $12? Yes, please. Unfortunately, the seasons I need weren’t in stock… booo. Hopefully I can track them down at other locations this week.

I also got around to tackling one of my top to-dos on my Pinterest boards. I decided to combine two projects together. I found one where you create a memory ornament by writing down your favorite memories from the year in Sharpie. I didn’t want to do this on a plain glass ornament, so I made it into a glitter ornament (so easy — swish around some floor wax, dump out excess, dump in loose glitter, shake around, dump out excess — DONE).

2011 favorite memories.

How do you remember the year’s memories? Do you have a special family tradition?

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