USA Today published an article today about a recent study by Milo’s Kitchen in regards to pet owners and their relationships with their pets. Some of the findings:

  • 81% regard their pets as full members of the family.
  • 58% call themselves their pets’ “mommy” or “daddy.”
  • 77% buy pets birthday gifts.
  • More than half say they talk about pets more than politics or sex.

Another survey by the American Pet Products Association found that pet lovers also frequently buy gifts for their animals. Of course, more dog owners buy gifts (53%) than cat owners (38%).

The best part? This isn’t that crazy, according to health professionals. I mean, obviously I knew that all along but maybe people can drop the crazy when talking about cat ladies.

santa’s newest elf.


Do you buy gifts for your pets? Or consider them as part of your family? 

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