My legs were angry this morning.

if my legs had a name, Grinch would be it.

Well, actually my whole body was. I don’t think I’ve recovered fully from my 20 miler this weekend. I just feel tired and like I had no gas in the tank. I even considered cutting my run short at 5 miles but knew that once I got home, I would be disappointed in myself so I pushed through to finish the full eight. At least this week is an easy week, so hopefully that will help me recover.

Plus, starting Friday, I can SLEEP IN pretty much every day until January 3, when I have to go back to work. Knowing my luck, this won’t happen and I’ll end up getting early anyways. But definitely not 6 a.m. early.

The one awesome thing I noticed on my run this morning is you can see the new Freedom Tower from the park. We can also see it from our apartment. It’s not even built all the way, so once it is its full height, you’ll really be able to see it.

completed Freedom Tower, eta 2013.

The second awesome thing was that when I was walking my half of block (what I consider my cool down) to my apartment, a guy walked by with his dog. The dog slowed down to stare at me (weird), but then, his dog actually stopped so that I would pet it. Adorbs.

How do you stay motivated on those days when you are just too tired? 

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