Woo, I was so happy to find on my run this morning that I had my energy back! I still felt a little sluggish, because for some reason I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. Weird. I had pasta for dinner last night so wondering if that could be why (another reason why that isn’t my pre-race meal!).

I did eight miles this morning and as I am working from home today, I let myself sleep in another thirty minutes. Tomorrow is the start of my holiday vacation, so I may let myself sleep in THREE HOURS later! That just sounds like heaven right there.

The temperature was 51 this morning, which is ridiculous at 6:30 a.m. only three days before Christmas. But it was nice to run in a long-sleeve shirt (even if it is was the same one as another runner in the park… awkward.). Once again, the best part was seeing all the dogs at The Happiest Place on Earth. But just curious, does anyone else ever notice that poodles just seem to act like they are stuck up?

why yes, this is the latest design from Paris. (source)


And I love how labs and golden retrievers are always so happy-go-lucky and greeting everyone and everything they see in their path. And then there are the little dogs… you don’t see many at the dog park, but I did see a woman running with her Pomeranian this morning. Who looked like it was having a tough time keeping up.

what do you mean my legs are too short for running? (source)


OK anyways… enough about the dogs…

I must say that I am disappointed that NYRR will not be announcing the lottery results for the NYC Half 2012 today. They announced on Facebook earlier this week that everyone would know before the holiday. Now, they said everyone will know before December 29. Ugh. Is it that difficult to randomly generate who got in, especially since they probably don’t even include New Yorkers in the drawing in the first place? (This was a huge deal last year… so much that they gave everyone back their $5 lottery registration fee.)

Are you looking forward to any races in 2012? What’s your favorite type of dog?

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