Run, run Rudolph… I really wanted this to be the title of this post, but figured Friday Randomness is more fitting, especially since its now a standing post. Anyways, I did about an 8-1/2 mile run this morning in some beautiful weather — mid 40s — is it really only two days before Christmas?! Luckily the rain passed early this morning so there *shouldn’t* be any travel issues. Fingers crossed.

During my run, I focused on strength and making sure each stride was strong and made an impact. No slacking this morning! And, as you know, today is usually my rest day, but I decided to swap with tomorrow’s run since I’ll be back in WI and who knows what I’ll be up to in the morning. I finished up the run with a run to the store to pick up cat litter. I consider lugging that 25 lb. load three blocks and up three sets of stairs my arm workout this morning. Now on to the fun stuff…


Work was very slow this week as most of my coworkers were out since they had to use up vacation time. I stumbled upon The Oatmeal. Have you ever been on this site? Pretty sure it’s my new favorite. This had me cracking up because it is SO true:

Oh, and I am one of the lucky ones who’s office is closed until January 3. Yep, I feel like a 5th grader with how excited I am of not having to work until next year! Or maybe it’s because my fiance only got me the greatest gift ever…

Um, yes. I am 26 years old and I did have a Pillow Pet on my Christmas list. Your point?

But the bad thing about spending all this time at home, is that I have to spend my days battling with this couch potato and remote hog.

Seriously, I can only watch Big Cat Diaries so many times.

Here’s to hoping this is the first Christmas that I make it home without crying in the airport. Or dealing with a cancelled, rescheduled or delayed flight.

Oh and P.S… Please take three seconds to head over to Refuel with Chocolate Milk to vote for my friend Carrisa over at G-Free Runner. Just click this link and search her name by typing in “Carrisa.” Depending how fast you type, it may take four seconds. 

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