After a wonderful five day trip to Wisconsin, it is back to reality… well, partial reality because I still don’t have to go back to work until next week.

Wisconsin was a ton of fun… and we realized they updated the population signs for my hometown (where my family still lives). I grew up in the booming metropolis of Iola… which was about 1,100 people when I was growing up. The population signs now say 699! But what’s even crazier, is the town next door, Scandinavia, had about 300 people when I was growing up. Now, the population sign says 1,066. We are thinking that someone at the Census Bureau messed up in making the signs or is just playing a mean joke?! How did one town — which doesn’t even have a grocery store (but does have two bars) — triple in size, and another one decrease by about 40%?

this is downtown iola. don’t blink because you’ll miss it.


Let’s not even talk about how my monthly no-soda challenge is going. It’s going that good.

I did run a bit when I was home, and I get a kick out of how the cows stare at me every time. I feel like they are being all judgy and saying “what in the world is this creature doing? Do I need to start running too?!”


So this morning it was back to the park. I tackled 8 miles, and it was a good run… despite being somewhat windy. Usually my first run when I’m back to “reality” is a little rough, so I was happy this wasn’t the case. But then again, I did get to sleep in an extra three hours (despite Jax acting like a feline snooze button).

How were your holidays? Do you have a hard time getting back into the groove again?



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