Two of my favorite bloggers, Skinny Runner and G-Free Runner, are huge fans of BIC Bands. They talk about them a lot. And I mean a lot. So I finally decided that I had to try these things out and see if they were as amazing as they claimed. And, they are.

I’m sold.

I bought two BIC Bands, actually. One for myself and another for my niece so we can be matching twins. Sandy at BIC Bands was very easy to work with as I asked about purchasing a band for a six year old.


matching bic bands + packer gear = twins

As soon as I got my package, I ripped it open and popped it on my head. It was comfortable and right away I could tell it was different from other headbands. Since I bought the Purple Skinnie Minnie Sparkle, it’s not really appropriate for work but I do know there are other colors available that may be more suitable. Instead, I just threw my hair in a messy bun and wore the BIC Band around the house to test it out.

The ultimate test: eating an apple. For some reason, eating an apple requires a lot of jaw action and with other headbands, that’s what causes them to slide off your head. Nope, the BIC Band didn’t move!

The second test: my six-year-old niece. She wore the BIC Band all day, and not once did I see her having to re-adjust or take it off her head. And, it was so comfortable, that she didn’t have to take it off, either.

Five stars all around. I will definitely be adding more BIC Bands to my collection. Will you?

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