I think having two days off was just what my legs needed. They felt fresh and ready to go, a feeling I haven’t had in I don’t know how long. So, I think taper phase will really help me this time around. I ran 20 miles this morning, and apparently I was one of the few people that thought an early morning run was a great idea on New Year’s Eve. On my first lap around Prospect Park, I was 10 runners. 10. Usually, I see 30-40. The majority were towards the end of the loop so I think people were just waking up.

It was slightly creepy.

I was also really, really hungry once I hit the eight mile mark. Usually when this happens, it’s a sign that I don’t have enough fuel in the tank. Good thing I’m going to eat like a little piggy tonight at our traditional New Year’s Eve buffet.

West Side Highway was also fairly quiet, and I did feel a little tired once I got there. I took the second half of my Hammer Gel around mile 15ish and I think that really helped. The Brooklyn Bridge was packed on the way back. With tourists. I wonder how many of them are touring the city, and heading to Times Square to watch the ball drop?

No thanks. I’ve heard from friends that you have to get there mid-afternoon if you want a good spot. No bathrooms are located within the area (I mean, have you seen port-a-potties on the TV special?). I don’t think alcohol is allowed, but I think you can have food and drink. Not like you’d want to eat it, since you can’t go to the bathroom.

Anyways, my three favorite things from my run this morning:

  • I saw two guys riding unicycles. One guy was walking his dog while riding a unicycle. Now that takes talent.
  • I found a dollar on the Brooklyn Bridge! So does this make me a paid runner? Granted, I earned about five cents per mile…
  • I love that I can say that I ran 20 miles on New Year’s Eve — what a great way to finish out 2011!


Coming later today is a post about my thoughts on 2011, including what I’ve learned and will take with me into 2012. Happy New Year, all!

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