Hopefully today is not a reflection of the rest of the year because I have literally done nothing. Well, I did watch football. And warm up leftovers from our New Year’s Eve feast to eat for lunch. So I guess that’s something.

I also updated my 2012 goals page with what I’m hoping to achieve in 2012. Here is what I’ve come up with:

  • Run marathons #6 (Houston Marathon), #7 (Boston Marathon) and #8 (TBD)
  • Break 3:30 with my marathon time. Dream goal: Achieve under a 3:23 at Houston Marathon to qualify for 2012 ING NYC Marathon
  • Run as many of half-marathons in the NYRR Half-Marathon Series as possible (Manhattan Half (out of town); Brooklyn Half, Staten Island Half; Bronx Half and Queens Half)
  • Do the 9+1 to receive guaranteed entry in the 2013 ING NYC Marathon

Hopefully I can get that magical 3:22.59 at Houston so I can run ING NYC marathon in 2012. I know I was just complaining about how expensive the entry fees are but really, it is the New York City Marathon and behind Boston, the greatest marathon in the world. It just means I’ll have to skip out on some shopping to make the fee not hurt as bad.

Which, speaking of shopping… leads me to my next monthly challenge. Now, December’s challenge was a horrific and horrendous bust. It was awful. If you remember, I vowed to give up soda. I did OK for the first half of the month, only cheating twice (I’m pretty sure this stuff is liquid crack). The last two weeks of December were absolutely horrible. I actually drank two Sun Drops in one day. I won’t go into my excuses for doing so, because they are just that… excuses. But, I am still working on giving up that stuff this month, too.

Anyways, my monthly challenge for January is to stop shopping online. I’m talking about buying jeans, sweatshirts, crap off eBay and anything else that I convince myself that I really need, and really, it just drains my bank account. (Luckily, I already placed my order with Victoria’s Secret for their semi-annual sale… score!) 

This does not include the necessities — you know, paying the electric bill and all that. It also doesn’t include buying stuff for the wedding. Although considering that is still more than eight months away, I don’t anticipate buying much for that this month.

So, who’s with me? Do you feel like you buy too much unnecessary stuff online? How do you stop from clicking that “process order” button? 

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