I was so tempted to stay in bed this morning and sleep an extra hour instead of getting up to run, especially after seeing this.


But I knew I would be mad at myself for the rest of the day if I didn’t get up. I finally rolled out of bed and went for my run. Today’s run was a five miler, but called for a three mile tempo run in the middle. This works out perfect since that means I run at tempo pace in the park.

And it kept me warm, for the most part. Towards the end, my legs were super cold… I mean, they were pretty much frozen… but this could be because I was running in capris (I had three layers on my top half, which was fine). I posted a few weeks ago about the need to get more running clothes for winter weather, and like the true overachiever I am, I still haven’t done this. I heard that Old Navy actually has some nice workout gear — it’s cheap and seems to be of decent quality — so I may venture over there during my lunch today.

After all, as part of my monthly challenge, I am not allowing myself to shop online. So far it’s been going well… and my wallet is thanking me! Granted, we are a whopping four days into it so hopefully I can stay with it. At least do a better showing than I did with last month’s attempted adios to soda (although after reading that Mountain Dew turns mice into jelly, I’m rethinking that decision).

Have you ever bought any workout gear from Old Navy? What do you think about it? 

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