I finally bit the bullet and bought some running pants yesterday (how I made it through last winter without any running pants, I’m not quite sure…). I bought them from Old Navy because they were way cheaper than buying some Nike or Puma ones (plus they were petite sized so the length doesn’t look too ridiculous on me). I’m not going to lie, it felt really weird to wear pants after living in running capris for the past three months.

comfy and cheap.

Two thumbs up. They were comfortable and warm. I am wondering how well these hold up though (it is Old Navy after all), so I’ll post a more detailed review in a few weeks. So far I think that these are a good deal though. I got them for $35 at Old Navy. I also received $20 in Old Navy bucks or something, just a creative way for them to say 50% off your purchase at the end of January since you have to spend $40 in order to use it. If I like the pants, I’ll probably go back and get something else. They had a lot more compression gear and I could use some running tights.

My biggest issue was the fact that I was completely unmatching with the pink and black pants.

yeah… this doesn’t look ridiculous…?

But whatever, between that and not brushing my teeth before running, I significantly decrease my chances of being stalked or kidnapped. Right?

Besides, I like in New York and people really don’t care what you dress like here. Take this video – a man dressed up like Buddy the Elf yesterday and toured midtown Manhattan much like Will Ferrell did in Elf. Considering I was at the Old Navy near 34th Street, I’m just a little mad that I missed him (but not as mad at the fact that I missed seeing Brangelina by a few hours when they were at FAO Schwartz a few weeks ago).

But anyways, I think it’s a great example of what it means to live in New York. Here is a guy dressed as an elf, after Christmas, walking around Manhattan and people don’t even look twice. I mean, after seeing the crazy and his dog matched up as twin clowns in Chelsea, the Buddy the Elf wannabe looks normal.

Do you try to match your clothes when you go out for a run? What is the most absurd outfit you’ve ever seen someone wearing? 

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