Tapering is annoying. If you’ve ever run a marathon, I’m sure you agree. It’s necessary, but frustrating that after running 40+ miles a week, you suddenly have to run half of that.

But the best thing about tapering? Sleeping in. That’s right. Usually I get up around 6 a.m. to go for my runs, during the week and on the weekend. This morning I was able to sleep in until 7:30 a.m. Ah, heaven.

I had a “long” run of eight miles this morning. I wore my Old Navy running pants once again, and they are still as comfortable as they were on Thursday. Hopefully the quality holds up.

The one thing about waiting so long to run is that the park is much busier, which means more dodging and zig-zagging. It wasn’t awful, though. I did feel bad for the pooches in the dog park because I’m pretty sure there were at least 100 dogs running around there.

Monthly Challenge Update: So after epically failing in my December challenge of not drinking soda [still working on that], I’m doing much better on this month’s challenge of no online shopping. Granted, it’s been a whopping five days…

What I’ve noticed, though, is the number of emails I get for me to shop online. It’s like throwing candy at person on a diet. Ugh. BUT, I am staying strong and my bank account is also thanking me.

What do you like about tapering? Do you get too many emails from companies trying to get you to buy their stuff?

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