Let’s not talk about the weather today. Because the temperature crept up another TWO degrees for race day. And, it’s pouring rain here today… which should probably be a blizzard considering it’s January. 

Let’s talk about the Olympic Trials.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to watch these this weekend. I think the men’s race is going to be pretty cut and dry. We all know how fabulous Ryan Hall is and I think he will easily take the win. Meb is also favored, and I think — if he has a similar performance to what he did in New York last year — he will be in.

lead males at NYC...go Meb!

I absolutely love Meb.

The girl’s race isn’t that easy. Shalane Flanagan is favored by a long shot, but it’s funny how everyone overlooks Desi, even though with her time at Boston last year, she is the third fastest female marathoner in America…ever. Then there’s Kara Goucher, who I love. I think it’s because she’s from Minnesota and her baby is totally cute. I read a Q&A with her an a Runner’s World reporter a few weeks ago and it made me sad. I just felt like she was so negative on herself — when she really has a great chance to quality.

Deena Kastor, for some reason, isn’t a favorite despite her history for performing well (she hasn’t raced a marathon in awhile, but I think she still has a good chance). There’s also Tera Moody, who I think is definitely a contender (did you see her feature in RW about her insomnia?).

All in all, it is going to be an exciting morning and totally worth getting up at the crack of dawn. Maybe even before dawn.

Who are your favorites for the men’s and women’s races? Have you ever had a chance to see the elites in person? 


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