The most amazing thing about running the Chevron Houston Marathon this weekend was the opportunity to watch the Olympic Trails the day before. I gave you a sneak peek of how amazing that really was, but here’s a full post of what we saw, and what we’ll never forget.

Note: I must pre-empt this by saying that I am a huge Meb fan, so the majority of pictures are of him. 

We got to downtown around 8:30, so the race was already in progress. Luckily, we were able to see the girls go by only minutes after parking and claiming our spot.

(this was before my picture-taking duties were taken away because I clearly suck)


This was during their first full loop, so it was still early on in the race. I was happy to see that Kara was holding strong with the lead pack because of how doubtful she seemed before the race. The women’s race was fun to watch — I cheered for Kara and Shalane A LOT, mostly for Kara because it was so exciting to see her up there. I wish I had pictures of how amazing their leg muscles look. Serious definition.

We saw the men a handful of times, but it was around mile 19 when our experience went from amazing to indescribably awesome. Meb came around the corner with a water bottle.

turn and burn


I, of course, am cheering for him like crazy (probably borderline out of control, but anyways)…


I swear, HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME before tossing it (he might have just been checking to make sure he wasn’t going to take out a cone or something).

the toss…


I had to fight for it (not really, but there was another guy trying to grab it) but I was the lucky one to get his water bottle!


After that, we decided to put the camera away and just enjoy the race. We saw the men come by at mile 24.5-ish and Meb was in the lead (we later watched it on TV and saw that he had just made his move right before we saw him). He looked SO strong and in control. We stuck around to watch the women come by for their last lap, and saw Shalane in the lead — she also looked very in control and relaxed. Kara was in third and it was exciting to see that she was going to secure her spot on the Olympic team.

After that, we headed to the expo to pick up my packet. Just by chance, we were going up an escalator and saw Meb going down with his brother and a volunteer on the other side. I chased him down, and got him to sign the water bottle and got a photo with him.


Amazing. And congrats to Meb, Ryan and Abdi on the men’s side and Shalane, Desi and Kara on the women’s side for their bid for the Olympics! It’s going to be an amazing race this summer!

Did you watch? What did you think of the Trials? 

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