With Houston in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start focusing on Boston. I can finally walk without waddling or looking ridiculous, so I think it’s almost time to try a workout. Unfortunately, I am traveling this week for work so no runs in Prospect Park. I am going to check out the hotel fitness center to see if their is a stairmaster so I can train for the upcoming Empire State Building Run Up. Fingers crossed.

I always hate the week after running a marathon. It’s always somewhat awkward because you know that your body needs a break, but you just trained like crazy for three or four months, so taking that much time off just feels weird. Usually I take a full week off, but since the marathons are so close together, I’m trying not to.  And this time, I don’t want to. 

The other thing I hate about traveling for work is you are stuck eating a bunch of restaurant food for the week, which we all know isn’t the best. Luckily, there is a lot of fresh fruit so I haven’t felt too terrible yet. But, I have an exciting food announcement coming next week that could change my training significantly… stay tuned!

Hopefully tonight I’ll have an exciting post about how awesome the stairmaster workout was!

Do you suffer from post-marathon blues? Do you workout the week after a big race? 

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