I feel like I haven’t slept for like, a week. My week has been pretty crazy, though.

I have to tell you again so you feel bad for me.

We got back to New York Monday afternoon after an amazing weekend in Houston. I proceeded to unpack while repacking for a work trip to D.C. I left Tuesday evening, after a full day at work. I was in training on Wednesday and Thursday, and then worked in our D.C. office on Friday. My fiance came down that night, and we hung out in D.C. for the weekend, finally coming back today.

See, don’t you just feel awful that I’ve had to endure that schedule? I was so ready to come back today. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun in D.C., but there’s just something about being at home.¬†

And for some reason, my legs are super sore from walking around D.C. Maybe it’s because I was also carrying sixteen bags to the train station and home since I was there for almost a week.

This was my fiance’s first time in D.C., so we went and saw the sites.

where Lincoln died. one of the few things you have to pay for in D.C. (we didn’t)


i was hoping we’d see Obama. no such luck.


washington monument.


By this point we were fuh-reezing. Thankfully, the Smithsonian is free. We decided to go to the National Museum of Natural History.

hello, relative?


pink fairy armadillo = adorbs.


is it just me or does he look sad?


i love armadillos.


Anybody else tend to take a million pictures of fossils and displays when you go to museums?

We were warmed up by that point, so ventured out to check out the rest of the monuments…

MLK Jr. monument… my favorite.


Anyways, I hate to sound like a snob… but I have to say it. I can’t help but compare other places that I visit to New York City. Each city has it’s own great qualities, but when visiting new places — especially those where we rely on public transit — we can’t help but say “New York City is better because…” Like, the whole weekend. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time in D.C. and it was fun, but it’s always great to come home and not have to calculate how much we have to put on our metro card based on where we are going…

I did laugh at myself because I was on the metro headed to meet my fiance and had my purse slung over my shoulder. Some people got on the car and I thought to myself, “I better watch my purse because this isn’t New York.” Once I realized what I was thinking, I had to laugh at how backwards that sounds.


Have you been to D.C.? What did you think? Are you a obsessive photographer when you step foot into a museum? 

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