So far this morning, I’ve overslept, ran in the misting rain and cut off half my fingernail.

I have a feeling it’s going to be on of those days.

Remember yesterday I was complaining about how my legs were sore after walking around D.C.? I woke up this morning to do a recovery-ish run, and realized that my quads are still sore from the Houston Marathon. I guess it was only a week or so ago, but it surprised me since the course wasn’t that hilly (when I ran the Boston Marathon after training in flat Florida, it took more than two weeks before I could run again… without pain).

The Weather Channel said that it was cloudy, but really it was misting rain. Which isn’t too bad to run in — it keeps you cool and you don’t get too soaked. However, there were a lot of irritating people out this morning… people who took up the whole sidewalk, cars who didn’t seem to want to stop even when they had the red light…

OK, enough whining. Moving on.

I won’t share a picture of my half-fingernail since I know it will gross some people out, but somehow while I was shaving, I managed to knick my fingernail and take off several top layers. I put on a band-aid, and it bled through within minutes. Le sigh. Hopefully it’ll handle the next band-aid better…

Oh, and speaking of weird looks… this made me look twice and laugh (it’s meant for a woman who lived in our apartment before us, which is more than a year and a half ago — if not longer):

Happy Monday.

How long does it take you to recover from a race? Do you ever get mail for the people who used to live in your place? 

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