Today I took a much-needed rest day. My day yesterday didn’t get much better, so I was kind of grumpy when I got home. But, I’m throwing the grumpiness out the window and today is a new day! I think my legs were 95% recovered and just needed a little bit more pampering to be at 110%. Which is good, because I’m running a race this weekend.

Even though I don’t like hot chocolate (or chocolate for that matter), I am running the NYCRUNS Brrrrrooklyn Hot Chocolate 10K this Saturday. I couldn’t resist because it is in my favorite place, Prospect Park. One of my favorite things to do after running a marathon is run a shorter distance race within a few weeks because I always feel so speedy.

Then it’s time to hunker down and train for Boston! It’s about 13 weeks away. I’m going to create my own training plan for this one, marrying the back-to-back marathons training plan in “Advanced Marathoning” (great book — kinda scientific, but it helped me BQ the first time) with the SmartCoach plan by Runner’s World. Of course, there will be lots of hill training!

I feel like while training for the Houston Marathon, I focused on fitness. Of course, fitness is a huge part of running a marathon. However, now that I feel like I have a good hold on the fitness side of marathon training, I feel like I need to eat better. My fiance and I consider ourselves to be pretty healthy, but living in New York can be tough when it comes to keeping the calories down. We tend to eat out two or three times a week, which can equal more calories than what you should be eating in a week. And, we all know my struggle with quitting caffeine… or should I just say Mountain Dew?

Additionally, I feel like I eat too many carbs. I never thought I’d say this because I am a carb fanatic, but I am realizing that I don’t feel the best after munching on a carb-loaded meal (the fact that Chipotle is my pre-race meal of choice is a sign). I do have an exciting food announcement coming on Saturday, so stay tuned for that.

P.S. Did you see that researchers at Washington University found that running may combat the Alzheimer’s gene? Just one more reason to pound the streets!


When’s your next race? Have you changed your diet for the better to improve how you feel?


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