One of my next races is the Empire State Building Run-Up. I am so excited to have the chance to run this race, but I am a bit stumped as how to prepare for it. I can’t exactly walk into the Empire State Building and ask them if I can run up their stairs. I figure that having a good running base is a pretty good start, and since I’m running this for fun, time really doesn’t matter… as long as I’m not stuck in the staircase for hours.

This morning I decided that running a few stairs couldn’t hurt, either. I have exactly two weeks until the race so if I run a few more sets next Wednesday, I should be good to go. Well, as good as you can be when running up 1,576 steps.

really? that’s all you got? puh-lease…

Prospect Park has some great stairs right in the middle of the park. They are a bit off the beaten path, so I gave up on stair running in the winter months since I’ve watched one too many episodes of “Criminal Minds.” Now that it’s starting to get light out a little earlier, the scare factor was a little less. Anyways, I did 10 sets, and each set has 83 steps in it. So a total of 830 steps going up (plus 830 going down, but somewhat irrelevant). The last two sets were a little tough, but it felt good to push through.

Of course, when I run the ESBRU, I won’t be running the down part, nor will I be running a few miles to get to the stairs. I’m interested to see how it goes — but more excited to see the views of the city once I’m on the 86th floor.

what do you mean I can just google that and don’t have to run up 1,576 steps? (source)


I finished my workout with some free weights, focusing on the arms, and push ups. I think I took a few weeks off because of the Houston Marathon, and MAN, I can tell. I did try a new arm workout, because SHAPE Magazine says it’ll make my arms look good in my wedding dress.


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I feel like my 20 push ups worked my arms a bit more. Whatevs.

How would you train for the Empire State Building Run-Up? Do you have any great arm workouts? 

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