Today I was back in the park for my usual five mile run. It was nice to get back into the “routine” of running my usual route and seeing the regulars. My legs were stiff from the stairs yesterday so it was more of a stride-out relaxing run. My legs were killing me last night, though, from the stairs — I think from being forced to sit in an office chair all day?

My personal trainer this morning was in a particular mood — extremely pushy, which included pulling my hair and biting.

you call that a plank?!


Of course, when I needed the most support in my ab workout, he had already moved on to eating his breakfast. Epic fail.

OK, I’ll stop with the crazy cat lady bit… moving on… 

Back to the ab workout. I feel like I’m really slacking in this section! I do planks, some modified ab crunches that my fiance says are better than doing normal crunches and that’s about it. I tried to find some new workouts online during a rest period, but didn’t have much luck.

Yesterday, the North Face Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain released dates for this year’s races — May 5 and 6. I really would like to participate this year (considering it’s only an hour train ride from NYC and supposed to be gorgeous!). I’ve never done a trail race, so I think it would be a fun adventure. I wish that the half-marathon was on Saturday morning instead of Sunday.


Do you have any killer ab workouts that you recommend? Have you run a trail race? How was it? 


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