Finally, the best day of the week is here! Today is a rest day, which I’m happy about considering it is raining and disgusting out. Seriously, its the end of January and its a high of 61* today with rain? Am I crazy for wishing it was 40* cooler and snowing right now?

Make sure you stop by tomorrow because I’ll have an exciting update about my diet change up! Finally revealing what I did and if it made a difference.


I really wish Meb was part of this video, but Runner’s World asked the elites what they will eat before trials. I am kind of surprised at how little they eat. I like a big breakfast before a race because I feel like it gives me the energy I need, but Kara Goucher, for instance, says all she eats is toast and coffee? I also feel like Magdalena is totally getting paid for her promotion of Gu. Check it out.


I love inspirational weight loss stories. You know, the ones where people were like “I had enough of being fat.” Bryan Ganey is one of those men. The doctors were telling him he was going to have to get surgery for his weight loss, but he said no and did it on his own. The man was over 500 pounds! He lost 270 pounds, and is still going. He even picked up running! It’s an amazing story and one that shows there are no excuses when it comes to your health. Our society has taught us to blame everyone else for our issues, and I feel like that’s what so many people do when it comes down to their health issues.“Well, McDonald’s is just so unhealthy…” and “I just don’t have time to exercise because of my work schedule.” As Bryan shows, we can do it it’s just a matter of shutting up and putting yourself to work.


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