So I mentioned that my monthly challenge for January was to stop online shopping. It was becoming a problem in that I was buying just random crap online that I really didn’t even need… just because I was enticed by an email, or a short-term deal.

It’s almost like if you don’t physically walk to the store you don’t realize how much you are spending. Kind of like how experts say that people will spend more money when shopping with plastic versus cash.

Anyways, 27 days into it and I am rocking it. There have been a few times where I’ve considered purchasing something, but then I really thought about it and it was like do I really need it? Do I need it now? If I don’t need it now, why am I buying it? It has saved me a lot of money and my bank account is thanking me.

That being said, I think once this month is over, I will still shop online periodically but not to the extent that I was. Let’s face it, it’s just easier to have someone ship things to my house than have to buy it in the city and carry the bag on the subway. That makes me sound really lazy, but you try it and tell me how you like it. Especially when you travel at rush hour.

However, I will consider several questions before making any purchases online to prevent compulsive shopping.

1)      Why do I need this?

2)      What’s the benefit of purchasing online vs. going to a store?

3)      If I don’t buy it now and wait a week or a month, will I still want it? Or will it be forgotten?


I am a big proponent of rewarding oneself, and this MAY be cheating because my reward will have to fall on January 31, before I complete the full month. But Aspaeris is offering a killer deal on their compression shorts, 50% off and it’s only good through the end of the month. I want to reward myself with this because 1) my legs will feel so much better with compression shorts 2) this is an amazing price that you can’t find anywhere else for compression shorts of such high quality 3) yes I will still want it because I’ve had my eye on these for MONTHS but have balked at the price. Did I pass?


Do you find that you shop online a lot? Do you do anything before you hit “buy” to validate your purchase?

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