This morning I ran the NYRR Brrrrrooklyn Hot Chocolate 10K. The idea behind the race is that you run the 10K, and then you enjoy hot chocolate with fellow runners. Well, I don’t like chocolate (or hot chocolate), so I basically ran through the finish line and kept going. It was still a fun race — full recap post coming soon!

I did end up running way more than I expected, though. I thought it would end up being eight miles since the race was held in Prospect Park. But, the blondie that I am, I went the wrong way around the park because I misjudged where the start was. I ended up running an extra loop around the park, which when added to the to and from distance, I ran a total of 11 miles. Perhaps running three miles before the race is why my time wasn’t the fastest… but that’s OK.

I was also having a great dream before I woke up, which made it tough to roll out of bed. My grandma passed away about a year and a half ago, and I had a dream that she showed up and said that she didn’t die, she was in hiding. I always feel like when you see a loved one who has passed away in a dream, they are really talking to you… so it’s almost like another chance to have a conversation with them.


Anyone else ever have this happen? Did you run this morning?

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