Pre-race preparation: Margaritas and nachos the night before at home. The race was at 8 a.m. so I grabbed a few animal crackers to snack on, along with a few swigs of Gatorade before I left my apartment. I also ended up running three miles to the start of the race (planned on only about one, but misjudged where the start line was… whoops!).

Actual race: There was a lot of confusion about where the start was since there weren’t any signs. And, minutes before the race, we learned that the timing contraption wasn’t working so it was going to be a “fun run.” It was a little weird that the race started half-way up the “big” hill in Prospect Park… granted, that meant that we only had to run it 1 1/2 times (it was two loops around), but starting a race mid-hill is weird. I felt like I was running a comfortable pace, and tried to push the last two miles (what I need to work on in the marathon).

What I loved: What can I say? It was in Prospect Park, my favorite place to run in the city. I loved that you got a mug with your race packet too — something different and fun! The weather was also great.

Time: Due to technical difficulties, the race wasn’t officially timed. I crossed the finish line at 48:07 (twenty seconds slower than my PR of 47:47).

Overall rating (3 out of 5 ups):


It was a fun race, but a little disorganized. NYCRUNS is a great new organization that is bringing fun races to the area. I will definitely run more races put on by them (especially since they are frequently held in Prospect Park), and hope that as they get into the flow of race planning, things will go a little smoother.

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