Today is my official first day of training for the Boston Marathon! Wooo! With only 11 more Mondays until the official race day, I think it’s going to come quick! I started the training plan off with a recovery five miler. I am surprised that my legs felt a little sore yesterday after Saturday’s running adventures. They were a little sluggish today, so a recovery five miles was exactly what I needed.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I feel like I have a good level of fitness, especially coming off the Houston Marathon and before that the Chicago Marathon. I want to focus on improving my eating (hence the salad experiment) and also focus on some non-running training elements of my plan. Here are a few goals for this training season:

  1. Focus on food. Oh, it’s so hard to do when you live in New York City! There are so many great restaurants around. I feel like we don’t eat out as much as the average New Yorker. We tend to eat out twice a week, maybe three times if there is something special going on. I want to make a conscious effort — whether I’m eating at home or eating out — to eat better. I already feel like I eat pretty healthy, but there are some things I can improve upon. Such as my addiction to Mountain Dew… 
  2. Hills and speed. Training for Houston, I didn’t focus on either of these. I don’t think my time suffered because of it, but I think with Boston (especially with its reputation for hills!), I want to be ready to conquer the course with strong training accented by hills and speed. I am customizing my training plan this time around, and I think I will focus on speed workouts on Tuesdays and hill workouts on Thursdays. As for speed, I really don’t have easy access to a track so I’m going to get a little creative with that.
  3. Abs! I was complaining last week about my ab workouts not doing enough for me. I am stepping up my game! My February monthly challenge will have something to do with my ab workouts, and I’m excited to see if I focus on these a little bit more, if it will improve my running.
  4. Arms! Any runner knows that arms are quite possibly the weakest part of their body. I feel like I definitely suffer from T-Rex syndrome and want to make sure this isn’t impacting my performance. Plus, working on toning my arms will only work out to my advantage when I put on my wedding dress!


Oh, and P.S., did you see Shaun White perform last night at the X-Games? He got a perfect 100 on his last run! Unbelievable and so incredible.


Do you incorporate a recovery run in your training plan? What are some areas where you could improve upon in your training? 

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