Are we sure it’s really January? I walked outside in a t-shirt this morning and wasn’t cold.

where’s the snow?


I am a weirdo and really wish we could get some snow. I know it’s inevitable. Mother Nature won’t let us off the hook that easily. I would much rather have a monster snowstorm in February than in April. Because there is one coming.

Anyways, on to running. I feel like my body is falling apart and I’m not sure if it’s because of running. I think I really need some new shoes because it’s been awhile. On my to-buy list for the week. My right elbow hurts, I think it’s tendonitis from sitting in the same position for most of the day (typing). My left hamstring also hurts, or is it my sciatic nerve? Which I also blame for sitting for the majority of the day. And the arch of my right foot hurts, which I blame on old shoes. However, when I run, I don’t feel any of that… just more reason to keep running, right? I did seven miles this morning and tried to run the park (the loop is just over three miles) at a tempo pace but felt like I didn’t have the speed in me today. But that’s OK, I think I’m still recovering from the 10K and marathon.

Today is the last day of my monthly challenge to not shop online! I did cheat this weekend. I need a new ski parka for our ski trip in a few weeks. Like desperately need a new one. It fit my qualifications for purchasing online, so I did it. Plus, I had some cash in my Paypal account from freelancing, so really, it was free! This is the jacket I got (my fiance really wanted blue but I love pink!):

i love that it’s called the “daring damsel” jacket. (source)


So, my reward for successfully completing the challenge (it still counts, right?) is a pair of Aspaeris Pivot Shorts. I know today is still January, but their discount code (cooleronline) expires today… and it means saving $30 on a pair of their shorts!


What do you think of this wacky winter weather? Do you have a pair of compression shorts — if so, what do you think? 

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