I’ve been whining about my abs a lot lately (have you noticed? sorry.), so to make up for it, that is going to be the focus of this month’s monthly challenge! After a failed attempt in December to quit drinking soda, and an almost-perfect record for no-online shopping January, I’m ready for FABruary. Ha, sorry, had to do it.

Anyways, this month’s challenge is to hold the plank for three minutes. Yep. I’m going there.

Granted, I can only hold it for a minute right now.

today’s time

But I have 29 days, right? Thanks Leap Year.

I think if I can hold the plank for three minutes, it will be a big step forward in building my ab muscles. And then maybe I can quit whining to you guys about it.

Who’s with me? Anyone else want to do the FABruary plank challenge? 

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