Today I woke up to what the Weather Channel said was clouds, but was really a steady rain. I ended up getting soaked during my five mile run, but I suppose that’s OK. The only thing that’s annoying about running in the rain in NYC (minus my hair becoming a rat’s nest) is that I don’t have easy access to a dryer so it’s hard to dry my clothes. Hopefully hanging them over the shower curtain will do the trick.

what are you talking about? i love the rain!


Since I had a little bit more time this morning, I stepped up my ab routine… as promised. In addition to these modified crunches my fiance told me to do, I also did some bicycle crunches and something similar to the two-point plank (although I was on my knees, and in addition to extending my arm and leg, I also brought it in, making sure I was engaging my abs). I also challenged myself with the plank and two side planks. I can already feel it!

So last night, my fiance and I swung by DSW to see if I could get a pair of new shoes. I run in the Nike Air Pegasus +XX, the XX being whatever model number they are selling at the time. I currently have the +28 in pink:


In the store, however, these were $20 more than these blue ones!


They are the same exact style and everything. I asked the sales guy why, and he really didn’t have a reason. He said that they might be different models, but trust me, they are the same. Sadly, they didn’t have my size in the blue so I had to order online. The blue ones were $5 more on compared to in the store. Talk about price gouging. Since I had a $10 coupon for DSW and get free shipping as a rewards member (it’s free so you should join!), I was able to get them $10 cheaper than from Running Warehouse.


Do you like running in the rain? Would you pay more for a pair of shoes just because they are pink? 


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