I feel like, now that I have my first long run under the belt, I can officially say I’m in training mode for the Boston Marathon. Woo! Backing up for a moment, though…

Last night, we went to the gourmet version of Chipotle in Chelsea which I think should be renamed the Chipotle Test Kitchen. Nate Appleman — a super talented chef — puts a different spin on Chipotle flavors and dishes so while it’s branded like Chipotle, it tastes nothing like it. It was a fun experience — I of course got my veggie bol, only to find that it had none of the same flavors as a typical Chipotle bol. It was still good, don’t get me wrong. And the margaritas, YUM.

When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised that my new running shoes were delivered! They were originally supposed to be delivered next Tuesday, so I was happy to see them so early. Getting up this morning was a little tough, considering I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 a.m. But, I did it and after a couple of miles, I wasn’t even tired anymore. (Love how counter-intuitive that is.)


It was so nice to run in new shoes, it’s amazing how you can tell the difference between new and old shoes. I was trying to be as quiet as possible so as to not wake my fiance this morning, and accidentally grabbed a pair of his socks. I didn’t want to go back in the room and risk waking him up at 6 a.m. (I think only runners like to be up that early on a Saturday), so I decided to wear the annoying and uncomfortable slouchy socks. Bad idea. I actually had to stop twice to adjust the socks because they were bunching up and causing severe pain on my foot. Note to self: Pick out socks the night before the next time around.

My favorite three things from this morning’s run:

1) I saw a lot of friendly people this morning! Two (fast) runners told me I was “lookin’ good.” I had some randos say good morning and say random things to me when I was running to downtown Brooklyn, but it was more comments than usual. I kinda felt like I was the character in L.A. Noire.

2) I can officially say I’m in training mode for Boston! It doesn’t feel real until you have at least one long run under your belt.

3). The weather was beautiful for a run! Just the right amount of chill mixed with a little sun to create a perfect temperature. Although I wish it would snow, I don’t mind running in mid-30 degree weather in early February.


And, just because I haven’t talked about T-Rex syndrome for a few days, here you go:

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